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Client Testimonials

Route 72 Systems is an internet email marketing company focusing on data aggregation and data appending services. While Route 72 Systems provides simply the cleanest and highest-quality opt-in e-mail records in the business, our services easily go beyond the ordinary e-mail marketing campaign. We strive to provide you the best lists and strategies to effectively use them. Read our client testimonials that attest to this.

"Every time we market to our clients using your email lists, our car dealership clients increase business and walk-ins. Your email saturation program is very powerful."
Cory Mosley, Mosley Training

Consumer Email Lists

"I started buying from Route 72 a couple of years ago. The lists are very clean. We send out email campaigns for our business clients and have receive great responses every time. We continue to use Route 72 as our territory and client base grows. I would not buy from anyone else."
Mark from Houston, TX

Business Email Lists

"I was looking for attendees for an upcoming seminar. I gave the Route 72 sales agent the zip code of the hotel where the seminar was taking place and they quickly had details of the perfect list. I bought it, sent it to my audience and was amazed at the amount of sign ups I got!"
Mike from San Diego, CA

Email Leads On Demand

"Thanks to the leads we got from Route 72, we now have a steady stream of regular customers and have also had an increase in new car sales. We were in a poor situation before buying the list, but because of our email marketing campaign, we were able to keep our doors open!"
C. Lewis from Denver, CO

Email Broadcasting

"Being able to track our statistics helps us understand the impact our email marketing campaign is having with customers. Route 72 has services that are priced well below their value."
J. Hancrest, CEO of Big Broadcast Ltd.

Email Appending

"AutoAppender helped us reach our customers in a new way, which definitely increased our business and opened the door for us to communicate with them via email. It only took about 3 minutes!"
M. Munsen of Munsen Industry Holdings

Email List Cleaning

"Cleaning up our list has resulted in a much higher response rate for Internet marketing campaigns. Our customers get real results using our improved consumer data."
V. Barclay of NetHit Marketing

Lead Generation

"The leads we get from Route 72 are easy to talk to and convert at an impressive rate. We increased our overall sales last year thanks to leads we got from Route 72."
J. Harshamp of Pimilko Ford Dealers

Search Engine Optimization

"After we had our site optimized, we got to page 1 of Google and started seeing a lot more traffic."
K. Sangster of Sustainable City

Website Design

"Route 72 Systems helped us deploy and manage a page that got us hundreds of new leads for our customers from our email list. Their service is quick and connected."
M. Marione of Sorted Suitability

Custom Database Programming

"The guys at Route 72 put a great system together for us. Now we can organize and make sense of the data we've been collecting."
S. Henckle of Fan Tail, Inc.

Video Production

"When we had our online video commercial made with Route 72's professional video staff, we saw a jump in hits to our website and even had existing customers compliment us on the production value."
D. Smith of SomeGuys.tv

Fraud Protection

"Anodyne keeps all unwanted credit card transactions from even occuring. We save a ton of time disputing transactions and now rest assured that the ones that do go through are valid."
S. Johnson from Pensfield, WI

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