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What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)?

Have you ever heard buzzwords like “retargeting”, “remarketing”, “search targeting”, “contextual targeting”, “audience targeting?” In actuality, these are all distribution tactics that take place on the RTB platform.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) refers to the means by which ad inventory (banners) are bought and sold on a “per-impression” basis on various display networks in the Internet marketplace. This is a new multi-billion dollar marketplace that was at one time only available to large enterprise companies with big ticket media spends. Today, this innovative technology is no longer out of reach to the masses. During real- time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and if they win, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s website.

How Retargeting Works

Have you ever gone to a company website and then back out of it? Have you ever noticed that as you are navigating through the Internet you see banners for that same company’s advertisement? This is not a coincidence. This is retargeting working at its best.

As soon as a user enters your company website, a cookie is activated on their browser. This is where your retargeting population can grow exponentially. As this cookie is activated on more and more users cruising around the Internet, your retargeting population will grow into the thousands, and millions over time. As the masses begin to see your ad on a regular basis, this will enable your audience to build a strong familiarity with your brand.

Other Types of RTB Targeting Tactics

Content Targeting-Potential prospects visits websites that are displaying specific content related to your industry. A cookie is then placed on the prospect’s computer according to the content they consumed. Our retargeting network will then display ads on top websites where this specific content is present throughout the Internet marketplace. Potential prospects click on your company ad and are swiftly directed to your own site.

Search Targeting-Potential Prospects here visits search engines such as google, bing, or yahoo. After they enter a keyword, a cookie is placed on the prospect’s computer and associates that prospect with the keyword used. Our network will then display banners on top websites the prospect visits. Potential Prospects will then click on your company ad and be directed to your website.

Geographical Targeting-This is where potential prospects are targeted by state, county, and zip code. Our network will display ads on top websites for prospects that are physically in specific geographical areas.

Audience Targeting-This is where potential prospects are targeted by interests and behaviors. Our platform enables you to hone in on specific profiles and demographics such as age, gender, income that are in-the-market for various products such as vehicle purchase, insurance, business-to-business services and thousands of other selects. Call us for more details!

Target prospects based upon what is important to them.

Drive Traffic with Route 72

Our goal is to produce profitable sales leads for your business and become an effective resource for your business. With that being said, you will be assigned your own account manager and marketing team focused solely on growing your business. We are able to make tweaks to your website to ensure a clear path to converting prospects and since we are a full service internet marketing company, we have the ability to create your banners for you and make adjustments to ensure conversion and ROI with our in-house staff.

We have integrated more than 100 exchange and display networks into our proprietary marketing system. Our marketing system provides us the ability to get the best price on the exchange that served the banner impression. We are managing RTB campaigns for clients as a low cost marketing option.

It is important for any business to know and understand their own allowable cost. Ultimately, we are able to deliver a formula where you will be able to understand how much it costs it acquire a new client.

In addition to our RTB campaign services, we are also a full service Email Service Provider. We are able to broadcast prospect email marketing campaigns for your business and bring more traffic to your website. This will be activating more prospects into your retargeting distribution, enabling you to grow your marketing channel faster.