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When you focus and commit yourself to a specific niche overtime you learn more and more every day.  You will find yourself reaching different levels of intellect and after a while it will become more than a science, it becomes and art.

I find myself reaching new levels of reasoning and thinking as it relates to email lists and internet marketing.  I did not have had the ability to think about these more advanced questions years ago because my head was not in that place.  After doing this email marketing stuff for more than 12 years now I find doors opening up more and more and some of these doors and contacts can be connected to one another.

I didn’t know what it meant to “monetize” something years ago but now I do.  I decided to look up the word “monetize’ in Wiki and this is what it says:



In some industry sectors, monetization is a buzzword for adapting non-revenue-generating assets to generate revenue. Failure to monetize web sites was a problem that caused many businesses to fold during the dot-com bust. Web sites that do generate revenue are often monetized via advertisements or subscription fees.


Out of all the stuff on the wiki page this is the one that best suits.  Even though it talks about websites I am replacing that with email lists.

My monetization efforts are geared toward turning email prospecting into money $.  But how to do you this.  It’s like panning for gold.

You start with a master list and segment the data into various buckets, like successes, openers and clickers.  The whole idea is pan for gold and exercise your master list(s) and capture all of theses recipients who have opened and clicked on your message or offer.  You can even take it a step further segment the data by ‘types of offers’ and then catalog and keep track of those openers and clickers by offer type.

After you exercise your master lists over and over again your panning for gold will pay off and your opener and clicker file will grow.  Since these recipients are active or were active you have a better chance of turning conversions.

After you learn to monetize your email list data overtime hopefully your head will lead you to nurturing your email lists data.

Hope this made some sense to you.

Jim Alamia









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